We have reasons to celebrate!  The FOX brand has been present on the market for 18 years. During this time, we have managed to create numerous collections of hairdressing products for professionals.  We value comprehensiveness and accessibility. Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to create new solutions that are fully adapted to the needs of the hairdressing industry.

The 18th birthday of the brand is a good moment to make a summary and look at the activities undertaken from a time perspective.  We want to inspire you while constantly looking for further stimuli for our own development.

FOX brand – built on experience

Our brand was created with hairdressing in mind. FOX was established in 2002, and only one year later we took part in the first beauty fair. We are close to hairdressers and stylists. We support hairdressing schools by sponsoring prizes in numerous competitions. We are aware that new generations of professionals are a source of innovation, which is why we help them take their first steps in the field of hair styling.

As a long-term sponsor of KREATOR competition which takes place as part of LOOK & BEAUTY VISION fair, we observe the struggles of the best players in the industry.  We cooperate with them, too. In the years 2010 – 2015, we had the pleasure to cooperate with Andrzej Matecki, who can boast the WORLD CHAMPION title in hairdressing.

What matters to us is a broad perspective; that is why we do not limit ourselves to industry events only. We support sports clubs in Bydgoszcz. We have been donating FOX products to the “Bal z sercem” charity for many years. We also keep direct contact with the art.  FOX appeared on the stage of a theatre during the performance “Szalone nożyczki” [Shear Madness] produced by Kamila Polak. Our products served as the setting, as we were responsible for the stage equipment.

Comprehensive hairdressing salon equipment

Our activities are based on solid grounds of experience.  We expand our range of products to meet the needs of professionals.  We are pleased that our presence on the market has already lasted 18 years and we hope to celebrate another round anniversary soon.