A distinguishing feature of a good Barber’s shop is primarily the skills of its employees. The issues that attract customers include also the convention, unique style and atmosphere. You can create it by means of fine details, such as the selection of tools that will fit into the aesthetics of your place and, at the same time, fulfil the daily needs of professionals. With this in mind, we have designed the FOX WOOD line. Due to the fact that we value comprehensiveness, it will also find application in hairdressing salons.

Professional tools for the Barber’s shop

A hair clipper and a trimmer are a duo that can’t be missing in any Barber’s shop. Choose wireless tools that will provide you with the freedom of movement. The cutting precision is also significant. In this case, the WOOD line will perform perfectly. The tools have a top quality blade made of high carbon Japanese stainless steel, which ensures increased resistance to heat and prevents them from getting blunt. We know that reliability is important in this business. Therefore, both the hair clipper and the trimmer are equipped with a 10,000 rpm AC linear motor. Moreover, the cutting length can be precisely adjusted providing you with tools that are perfect for the professional use. We cannot forget about the design, which perfectly fits into the style of the Barber’s shop.

Hair straightener and hair dryer for demanding users

The FOX WOOD line can also be used in hairdressing salons, especially if you’re looking for a professional hair dryer or straightener with an eye-catching design. When designing hairdressing tools, we focus not only on the design, but also (and even more importantly) on functionality, which is why we have equipped them with a casing with increased resistance to high temperatures and cracks. An important element is also the precise control of tool temperature and, in the case of a dryer, of blowing intensity.

The final effect is in your hands. Choose the tools that will make your work easier and facilitate the achievement of the expected results. Trust in the solutions that guarantee customer satisfaction and high work comfort.