Are you ready to compete for the title of the best hairdresser? If you are, in order to win, you will need the right products that guarantee precision of cutting and good quality of styling. We have prepared a unique FOX RACE 18 line, which stands out not only for its utility qualities, but also for its exceptional style.

Sharp cutting with professional scissors

Professional hair scissors should be sharp and comfortable to use. The equipment of a hairdressing salon must also include thinning scissors.  Both products are made of high quality stainless steel and are covered with black Teflon coat. They are distinguished by their ergonomic shape and narrow blade, which makes them an ideal tool for professionals.  Another important tool among cutting products is a trimmer.  T-shaped blade, strong motor and NiMH battery make it an indispensable element of hairdressing salon equipment.  Three attachment combs that help to achieve the planned visual effect will ensure adjustment and adaptation to the customer’s needs.

Styling with FOX RACE 18

The haircut must evoke a “wow effect”, and this requires hair styling. Hence, a dryer and a straightener will be useful. Both are compact and durable. They are equipped with long, tangle-free cables, which enable flexible movement and high comfort of work. With the addition of a long life span and multi-stage regulation, it is a must-have for all hairdressing salons.

18 years of FOX brand

Due to the birthday character of the FOX RACE 18 collection, we have also designed accessories that will allow some additional celebration of that occasion. Like in other products, we have been looking for a combination of practicality and good style. That is how two bags were designed: made of linen and  of artificial leather. The distinctive number 18 and the colour of the deep green make them so exceptional that it is impossible to remain indifferent to them.